Prepare for the Digital Future

What’s next in publishing? Books will always be with us, but eyeballs are shifting to digital platforms from the iPhone, Kindle, Sony Reader, and Nook to Apple's tablet computer. It's a new era of on-demand reading, anytime, anywhere, on any device.

More people are reading and writing than ever in history, but not necessarily newsprint or books, as the digital delivery market expands rapidly. Content remains king, but new models of content are required to fit with customer preferences for highly focused, digital content, delivered on their choice of platform. The concept of a book, a newspaper, and even a text book, is changing as new digital platforms can enlarge the possibilities of expression. Digital readers have become more social and are using social networks to share their views. Readers want to participate in the shape and form of the product. New customer relationships are needed to support new customer expectations. It’s not just technology, but a whole new approach to content delivery and readers.

Azimuth has been a pioneer in the use of digital technologies for more than twenty years. The technology available today, in the form of the Internet, mobile devices, and broadband wireless connectivity, is far more powerful than was ever true in the past. There are risks, opportunities, and challenges in this new environment for content providers. Let us work with you to discover the new opportunities for publishing that are provided by digital media.

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