Success Stories - Project Management

Azimuth has a twenty-year history of bringing new and innovative content to market faster than dreamed possible years ago. The key to our success is a network of book savvy writers, editors, illustrators, and compositors coupled with a Web-based project management system. This network enables us to provide services on a 24x7 basis to produce marketing-leading products.

Case 1

Managing Multi-Continent Teams 24x7

For McGraw-Hill, Azimuth managed a multi-cultural team of writers, scripters, voices, and software writers to produce the highly acclaimed Interactive Computing Series of books and interactive media. Azimuth currently produces the follow-on Interactive Learning Series of books and accompanying media within schedules of less than nine months.

Case 2

Managing Speed to Market With a Network Approach

Azimuth recruited and managed a multi-continent team of writers, scripters, voices, and software writers to produce the acclaimed MCSE Certification Series in record time: 30 books and 12 CDs in less than two years covering both generations of Microsoft Windows Server 2000 and 2003. It was critical in this project to get the most content to market quickly because of changes in the software environment. Azimuth hit the market timing requirement by effectively managing a team of more than thirty professionals spread over several continents.

Case 3

Azimuth Compresses Production Schedules by 50%

For Pearson/Prentice Hall, Azimuth performs the design, illustration, and compositing work for three major college/MBA textbooks. By effectively managing the production team, Azimuth has compressed the production schedule down to two months. This allows the writers to continue updating and writing up to the last four weeks of production.

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