Success Stories - Strategy

Case 1

Designing Books for a New Demographic

Azimuth worked with a well-known publisher to define a series of books aimed at the “new” college student—older and more mature, looking for efficient learning products, and time constrained because of jobs and other commitments. The strategy was to build a new kind of textbook explicitly aimed at this new demographic and built on a strong and defensible foundation. Azimuth helped to develop the pedagogical foundation for this series, grounded in cognitive and learning theory. Based on this foundation, Azimuth Interactive designed and built the series of 12 books in under 15 months, including recruiting and vetting authors, coordinating the authoring process, providing editorial services, and managing all other aspects of the preproduction process.

Case 2

Designing Books for Digital Platforms and Social Networks

Azimuth worked with a start-up publishing venture to help design a new learning experience for today’s college students who are tech savvy, media-oriented, visual learners, and price conscious. The books are delivered both as traditional printed text and online text with online media support, in the form of simulations, animations, and interactive graphics, used to illustrate key concepts.

Case 3

Using the Internet to Achieve Customer Intimacy

Azimuth has worked with a publisher of test preparation books and related materials to explore ways of using the Internet as a delivery platform, and as a marketing channel for developing new customer experiences online. Azimuth analyzed technology platforms such as Kindle, iPhone, and netbooks, and works with editors and production groups to develop new online products for these platforms.

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