Success Stories - Technology & Media

Students learn through a variety of media, and today the variety and power of media is greatly expanded: iPods and iPads, the Web, mobile Web devices, wireless networks, ultra portable PCs, and gaming technologies. While these new media cannot fully replace the depth and breadth provided by traditional text, they do effectively and powerfully complement and supplement text.

Case 1

Early Leader in Simulations

Azimuth developed software simulations of Office software products for McGraw-Hill as early as 1995, using Authorware and other available tools. Since then Azimuth has migrated to newer tools such as Flash, XML, and PHP/CGI to create highly interactive learning experiences for students learning software for Office 2003, 2007 and 2010. You can view the results at and see the power of Web-based on-demand interactive learning environments that teach using text, video, and audio.

Case 2

Making Complex Topics Accessible to Learners

For Pearson/Prentice Hall, Azimuth applied its expertise in software simulation to a far more complex engineering environment simulating the Windows operating system in conjunction with networking technology. Azimuth created 12 books, 18 CDs, and several thousand simulations of the MS Windows networking environment that walked students through the very difficult process of network installation and operation.

Case 3

Web-Based Learning Environments

Working with a start-up firm, Azimuth helped develop a coordinated text- and Web-based learning experience for college students utilizing the best of contemporary learning technologies, from interactive Web simulations, podcasts, and online testing to traditional texts.

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